Ramp repairs & Floor Safety Checks

Horsebox ramp repairs & floor safety checks

Your horsebox’s ramp is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, requiring the strength to support your horses’ weight and providing you with an easy and reliable lift and drop. As leading horsebox manufacturers in Berkshire, we regularly repair ramps and carry out thorough floor checks to ensure your horsebox is safe and secure.

JMB Horsepower are experts in ensuring your horsebox ramps are well balanced, whether you want a classic manual ramp or a more modern hydraulic ramp. As ramp hinges are prone to collecting debris and becoming damaged, we’ll make sure it’s clean and well lubricated, extending its life and giving you peace of mind.

Why choose JMB Horsepower?

The team at JMB Horsepower are expert horsebox manufacturers and repair specialists, with over 30 years’ experience repairing ramps and conducting horsebox floor safety checks, as well as more than three decades’ experience with horses.

Our number one priority is the safety and well being of your horse, and all work is carried out to the highest standards. We’ll keep you up to date with everything we do, clearly explaining the state of your horsebox and how long it’ll take to repair.

A well-functioning ramp and safe floor are both vital to the safety of your horsebox. For more information about our services, call us now on 01753 850916 or email

Horsebox ramp repair services

As well as ensuring your ramp hinges are in top condition, our expert horsebox manufacturers offer a number of ramp repair services, including:

  • Re-skinning ramps

  • Accident repair work

  • Re-sprays

  • Welding and fabrication

Our horsebox manufacturers have the skill and experience to repair even the most complex ramp and floor issues, and make your horsebox suitable once more for your horses or ponies.

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