Horsebox Inspections & MOTs

Horses are an essential part of life in Berkshire, and many of us need horseboxes to get around attending various shows, events and competitions. With more than 30 years’ of experience in the horsebox industry, the team at JMB Horsepower are in the best position to provide inspections and horsebox MOTs in Berkshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas. The safety of you and your horses is our number one priority, and we’ll make sure your horsebox is in a roadworthy condition.

Generally, horseboxes under 3.5 tonnes require an MOT similar to a car or other vehicle, but if your horsebox is over 3.5 tonnes, it will need an annual inspection by one of our VOSA horsebox inspectors. When you come to JMB Horsepower, we’ll make sure your horsebox is fully ready for travel throughout the year ahead.

Why choose JMB Horsepower for your horsebox MOTs and inspections?

At JMB Horsepower, we have more than 3 decades’ of experience performing horsebox inspections and MOTs in Berkshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas. We have even more experience with horses themselves, and we understand exactly what you need as a horse owner and a horsebox owner.

As well as providing you with a comprehensive and in depth inspection and horsebox MOT, you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent customer service from our friendly and professional team. We believe the safety and well-being of your horse is the highest priority when it comes to our horsebox inspections and MOTs, and we’ll make sure you know everything we’re doing and how long any repairs would take to complete.

Horsebox inspections and MOTs are necessary for being able to transport your horses legally and safely. For more information and to book your horsebox in for an inspection or MOT in Berkshire, get in touch online or call us on 01753 850916 today.

Horsebox inspections & MOTs Berkshire

When your horsebox is being inspected or going through its MOT, we’ll be assessing whether it meets a minimum level of safety and environmental standards. We look at a number of different things, including, but not limited to:

  • Topside

  • Underside

  • Lights

  • Brakes

  • Suspension

  • Wheels & tyres

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