Horsebox Repairs and Maintenance Berkshire

Repairs and Renovations

Every horsebox we see has different problems and for different reasons. Our horsebox repairs and renovation services are designed to ensure your horse or pony has a safe and comfortable journey, whilst ensuring you can rely on your horsebox to efficiently get you to your next meet or event. When you choose horsebox repairs and renovation from JMB Horsepower, you can enjoy an honest and transparent service with no hidden charges.

New Builds

As well as horsebox repairs and renovations, JMB Horsepower are specialists in building horseboxes to meet your need. Our range of Virtue horseboxes are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to prioritise safety and comfort at an affordable price. We use lightweight, incredibly strong materials to maximise horse safety and keep your horsebox within the legal weight limit.


Here at JMB Horsepower, we understand just how important it is to have your horsebox repairs and renovations carried out to a high standard and in a short amount of time. We treat every client and their horsebox as an individual, giving you a great level of customer service as we renovate your horsebox and let you know your horsebox’s problem areas and how we can correct them. Our horsebox renovation and repairs are clearly and transparently charged for your peace of mind.

Here at JMB Horsepower, we offer a complete range of services needed to ensure that your horsebox or trailer is safe and comfortable. Our horsebox repairs and renovation services cover every aspect of your vehicle, so whether you need engine servicing, ramp repairs or interior refurbishment, you can rely on the JMB team achieve results.

The team at JMB Horsepower are in high demand to carry out horsebox renovation and repair work throughout Berkshire, and with the latest technology and more than 30 years’ experience at our disposal, it’s not hard to see why.

For more information about our horsebox renovations and repairs, and how the team at JMB Horsepower can help restore your trailer or horsebox to your high standards, simply call us on 01344 302764 or email today.