New Horseboxes for Sale

JMB Horse Power is one of the UK’s leading horsebox renovators, offering new horseboxes for sale with specialist vehicles built to your exact needs. Having extensive experience in the industry, we can say with confidence when you buy a bespoke vehicle from us, every single detail will be taken care of, and your horsebox will be built to the highest specification.

Two of the areas we concentrate on when we are designing bespoke horseboxes for sale are safety and comfort, and we will always put these first, as well as providing you with a vehicle that’s fit for purpose. All of our horseboxes are extremely strong but lightweight, and their durability and reliability are without question, so you can drive your horsebox with confidence knowing it is safe and within the legal weight limit.

We have new horseboxes for sale built to your specification and serve the whole of the UK

Established in Windsor, Berkshire, we are renowned for our friendly and helpful service and have extensive experience in the design and build of new horseboxes. Regardless of the size of the vehicle and the specification you prefer, you can always rely on our excellent standard of service, and rest assured knowing your new horsebox will be built exactly as you want.

With so many horseboxes for sale, it’s easy to find the perfect model for your individual requirements. When you buy a vehicle from us, you can relax and know our freshly converted boxes are fully road legal and capable of carrying two large horses with ease, with the following options available:

• 3.5 tonne horsebox for sale
• 5 tonne horsebox
• 6.5 tonne horsebox
• 7.5 tonne horsebox for sale

Each and every vehicle we design is built for your comfort and the comfort of your horses, and they can be equipped exactly as you like incorporating a range of features such as day and overnight living.

If you want spacious and new horseboxes for sale, we have the perfect solution for you

Should you require a new horsebox, we can lead you through every step of the process and provide you with your very own build plan that tailors the design to your individual needs. From the beginning, we will discuss all of the options available and make sure you know what is achievable, so you are 100% satisfied with the final build of your new horsebox.

We can build the bodywork on any chassis you provide, or source one for you if you prefer as part of our beginning-to-end service so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

For more details about our services as manufacturers of new horseboxes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team here at JMB Horse Power. You can email us with any query at or simply call us for a no-obligation quote on 01753 850916.

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