Engine Servicing & Reconditioning

Full Horsebox Engine Servicing and Reconditioning

It may be obvious, but a well functioning engine is an essential part of successful horsebox repair. When transporting your horses, you need to know your horsebox is safe and in optimal condition. At JMB Horsepower, our engine servicing and reconditioning gives you the peace of you mind and ensures your horsebox is running as efficiently as possible.

Horsebox engine servicing & horsebox repair

Using the latest technology, we will carry out everything from routine horsebox engine maintenance to complete reconditioning. Breaking down in the middle of the countryside or the motorway is never fun, but it can quickly turn dangerous if you’re transporting horses as well. As one of our horsebox repair services, our horsebox engine servicing includes:

  • Engine oil change

  • Oil filter replacement

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • Antifreeze check

  • Gear box oil top-up

  • Fan belt check and adjustment

  • Battery check – starter cold test and charge state

Horsebox engine reconditioning in Berkshire

Horsebox repairs can easily become extremely expensive; however our engine reconditioning makes your horsebox repair considerably more affordable.  We offer a variety of engine reconditioning, including:

  • Cylinder head reconditioning

  • Crankshaft grinding

  • Straightening/resizing of connecting rods

  • Replace/reclaim valve guides

  • Piston rings, guides and liners

  • Cylinder block re-bore

Based in Berkshire, the team at JMB Horse Power service and recondition horsebox engines in both Berkshire and surrey. We believe the safety of you and your horses is the most important factor when it comes to our horsebox repair services. We’ll keep you up to date with your engine servicing or reconditioning, providing you a positive and personal customer experience.

For more information about our horsebox engine servicing and reconditioning, don’t hesitate to email or call 01753 850916.

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