Horsebox Manufacturers UK

If you are looking for new horseboxes for sale, we are sure to have the right sized vehicle for you here at JMB Horse Power, with your ideal custom horsebox waiting to be built to your exact specification. As one of the leading specialists in the horsebox industry, we manufacture a wide range of different sized vehicles and have plenty of options available, so you can buy your next horsebox in confidence knowing it will be fit for purpose at the best possible price.

We build horseboxes to meet your needs and have horseboxes for sale in many different sizes. Whether you want to supply the chassis or prefer for us to do this for you, we’ll listen to what you want and design and build a horsebox to meet your requirements and to your total satisfaction, using the very finest materials.

6.5 Tonne Horseboxes for Sale

We build 6.5 tonne horseboxes to the very highest standards here at JMB, so if you are looking for a custom built horsebox in Berkshire, feel free to get in touch with us and let us build the perfect vehicle to transport you and your horses in style and comfort. Our custom made Virtue horseboxes are fitted with weave bars instead of single pole breast bars for added safety, and they are built to exacting standards, with many specifications available depending on your personal requirements.

Offering a unique range of 6.5 tonne horseboxes for sale, you can expect the very finest build quality from our vehicles and know they are constructed using strong but lightweight materials, so capable of carrying two large horses with ease. All of these boxes come with affordable prices, are fully road legal, and we have a number of different specifications for you to choose.

Call us to discuss the many different types of 6.5 tonne horseboxes we have for sale

If you would like more information about any of our custom made 6.5 tonne horseboxes in Berkshire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team here at JMB. We welcome enquiries from all customers and guarantee we can build a horsebox that matches your requirements and is suitable for your personal needs.

To find out more, please contact us here today at JMB and we can discuss the plans you have for your new horsebox. Simply email or call to speak to us in person on 01753 850916.

Why choose JMB for the construction of 6.5 tonne horseboxes for sale?

Here at JMB, we have extensive experience in building horseboxes and always ensure attention to detail is everything when we are manufacturing your custom horsebox so you have nothing to worry about. Made by expert craftsmen, we design and build each vehicle to the same high standards, and are happy to discuss your requirements and offer clear, honest and straightforward advice at all times, so you can order a new box with confidence

We never take shortcuts and we never compromise on safety, all of our horseboxes are constructed with your needs in mind and designed to provide you with many miles of happy and maintenance-free service.

With realistic prices and a range of options available, we build all of our 6.5 tonne horseboxes for sale with a range of core objectives at the heart of everything we do, and these include:

  • Your safety

  • The safety of your horses

  • Passenger safety

  • Honesty

  • Reliability and Trust

Over the years, we have built our reputation on these values and continue to sell horseboxes that are made to the same high standards, with many newly converted boxes available at very reasonable prices.

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